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What is hyperpigmentation?

Specialized skin cells, known as melanocytes, have internal pigment-producing systems. When your skin is at risk of damage, like from the sun’s UV rays, melanocytes manufacture a chemical known as melanin.

The role of melanin is to protect your skin. Melanin is known for making your skin appear darker, although discoloration should gradually fade.

In some cases, melanin doesn’t fade and even starts building up in certain areas, causing dark patches. This is known as hyperpigmentation, also known as liver spots, age spots, or melasma.

Even though hyperpigmentation isn’t generally a medical concern, it can certainly be cosmetically unsightly and prompt you to cover up your skin.

Leading skin care practitioner Anita Dormer, MD offers medical-grade solutions for resolving unsightly dark spots.

Why do I have dark skin patches?

Oftentimes, dark skin patches are hereditary — if someone in your family has hyperpigmentation, you probably will, too.

Women are more prone to hyperpigmentation due to hormonal fluctuations that occur with menstruation, pregnancy, or birth control medications.

While hyperpigmentation affects anyone at any point in life, you’re more likely to struggle with these dark skin patches if you’re of the following ethnicities:

  • African
  • Mediterranean
  • Asian
  • Hispanic

Generally hyperpigmentation develops on areas that get the most sun exposure, such as your face. You can also have darker spots on your knees, hands, neck, or any other area that regularly gets UV ray exposure.

How is hyperpigmentation treated?

Dr. Dormer spends time evaluating your skin and putting together the ideal hyperpigmentation treatment plan based on your needs. Most clients experience dramatic results and a more even skin tone after having a signature Dr. Anita Dorian Gray Mini-Peel®. These peels even help prevent future hyperpigmentation issues.

Because of her advanced skin care training, Dr. Dormer developed her own line of clinical-grade skin solutions called Dr. Anita Hyperpigmentation Treatment System®. Dr. Dormer’s line has been proven to penetrate deep into your skin to decrease hyperpigmentation by stimulating collagen production and increasing cell turnover rates.

Using these advanced at-home treatments helps your skin continue to heal naturally, on an ongoing basis. Her line of hyperpigmentation products is so beneficial, it’s used around the world.

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