Dr. Anita Dormer, MD

Medical Aesthetics & Regenerative Medicine Specialist


Dr. Anita Dormer, MD

Dr. Anita Dormer is a pioneer in the field of aesthetic medicine.  A longtime celebrity go-to and secret weapon, patients seek out Dr. Anita for her medical expertise, as well as, her personal and mindful approach to complex and critical health and beauty concerns.  

Dr. Anita Dormer spent over 20 years as a Critical Care and pulmonary specialist. After successfully treating thousands of burn victims, she further developed an interest in controlled skin healing and cosmetic health. She launched her cosmetic medical practice in 2000. As a triple boarded fellowship trained physician who has served as as both an associate and assistant professor in major universities, she is uniquely qualified to help with difficult health and beauty concerns

Work and Experience.

Dr. Anita Dormer specializes in custom beauty and skin care treatments deriving from her collaborative efforts with some of the world’s most innovative chemists. She provides noninvasive treatments that result in radiant, youthful skin. Her scientifically-proven, eponymous products are an extension of her services and feature exclusive and elevated ingredients that improve overall skin health. As one of the innovators and researchers for facial identification using the rates of 1.618 in analyzing beauty and wellness, she uses both an artsy eye along with a strong scientific approach

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