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Sclerotherapy for Varicose and Spider Vein Treatment

Sclerotherapy is a highly effective, non-surgical method used to eliminate unsightly leg veins. Medium-sized veins (blue/purple) and smaller veins (red starbursts or “spider” veins) of the legs respond best to Sclerotherapy.

It is a simple office treatment, by which Dr. Anita Dormer injects a solution called a sclerosing agent, a solution of Polidocanol, into the veins with a very fine needle. The sclerosing agent causes the vein to contract and eventually disappear. Blood is unable to enter the vein and, therefore, the discoloration is no longer visible.

While Sclerotherapy is an effective treatment, more than one treatment is required to totally eliminate the veins. The number of treatments needed to clear or improve the veins differs from patient to patient.

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