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The Problem of Hyperpigmentation-Melasma

Over the last 20 years, Dr. Anita has been devoted to researching and developing the most effective answer to the problem of skin discoloration. The social and psychological impacts of this problem in people who suffer from this condition have prompted people to become desperate and try anything.

Since injury to the skin whether it be waxing, friction on clothes, chemical dyes as with hair treatments, sun burn or hormones. People have often resorted to treatment such as deep peels or certain lasers which often makes the problem worse.

The problem of skin of color with discoloration has in the past had little real solutions and this unmet need is one of the reasons Dr. Anita became so interested in this issue when she worked as a triple boarded Burn Intensive Care physicians.

The Solution

Because the issues are very complex when addressing the causes and treatment of hyperpigmentation, medical treatments that are effective have been an ongoing challenge and unmet need worldwide. As understanding of the chemical pathways that produce the pigment melanin has increased thanks to much research done by the Japanese, specific directed multiple attacks at specific sites along this pathway has dramatically improved outcomes.

However, one of the most important things to remember is that INJURY from such things as chemicals, physical abrasives and Lasers actually activated the melanin producing cascade thereby making the discoloration even darker. The other important fact to remember is that suppression of the pigment making factories called melanocytes must the chronically suppressed diligent periodic and daily maintenance.

We know the frustration of paying thousands of dollars for a series of treatments that are ineffective or many times make a problem worse.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the best treatment for hyperpigmentation with the best long term results are ones that cause gradual injury in order to promote collagen formation and increase cell turnover with little to no injury therefore preventing activation of melanin which causes darker areas. We also understand that skin is an organ of protection and topical products never actually effect much change because they never actually penetrate and affect the melanin cascade.


What Dr. Anita has created

We offer 2 office based skin treatment systems:

  • Dr. Anita’s Hyperpigmentation Treatment System or Mensaskin
  • Dorian Gray Treatment Mask

These innovative treatments are specifically engineered to be high tech neutral skin penetration systems which deliver multiple melanin suppressive and anti-aging actives to the proper level in the skin. The treatment consists of an in-office topical application and a home post care kit that includes Dr. Anita’s specially compounded prescription Retinoid and or Hydroquinone based Pm cream.

Many people are aware of the incredible value of Retinoids but have tried and failed to use prescription retinoids in the past due to the side effects of extreme drying and redness of the skin. However, Dr. Anita brand PM Cream and Dr. Anita skin care products are especially designed to decrease such side effects so patients can significantly increase the likelihood of compliance with retinoids and look beautiful all along the way.

How do the treatments Work?

Often people state during their initial skin consult that they have tried multiple pigmentation and or anti-aging treatments, both physician prescribed and OTC, which were ineffective at best or increased the problem. Our approach is to educate our patients on the nature of pigmentation and premature signs of skin aging and teach them what has been scientifically demonstrated to be effective. Depending on how a person’s skin appearance makes a person feel about themselves, these Dr. Anita treatments can lead to life altering experiences. We created these treatments and carefully guide you through the process because we stand behind these treatments and work with you to achieve the best results no matter what your skin color. Yes these treatments are for all shades of human skin and we are proud that for many people these are the only treatments that have given results. From top model’s dark elbows and knees in photoshoots to Vanity Fair photo shoot preparations, our treatments attract people from around the world from Africa, Asia and South America that are searching for an effective treatment.

The treatments target special cells and cellular processes that are responsible for the excess pigment in the skin. Our approach is to attack not only sites of the manufacture of these cells and the chemical called melanin but to suppress processes such as:

  1. The release of the color molecule called melanin
  2. Increase cellular turnover to shed the outermost color cells to replace with lighter new cells
  3. Block site specific enzymes that make melanocytes or factories that produce melanin, work overtime

By blocking multiple pathways in melanogenesis any resistance to treatment is minimized and the results are far superior. Unfortunately, continued suppression of melanocytes requires maintenance and preventive behaviours or the discolorations will slowly reappear.

The Treatments:

Dr. Anita’s Hyperpigmentation treatment system is a topical intense treatment done about once a year and is indicated for treatment of

  • Moderate to severe discoloration, dark spots or melasma
  • Moderate acne
  • Moderate to severe sun damage

This treatment is:

  • Safe for all skin types and skin colors
  • Generally applied annually as needed but rarely may be needed more than once in order to achieve the desired result for very severe cases
  • Uses Dr. Anita’s Penetrating Treatment emulsion mixed immediately prior to the treatment to deliver actives into the melanocyte layer of the skin
  • Utilized prescription strength United States Pharmacopeia(USP) grade actives
  • A mask that is worn for several hours depending on the degree of melasma being treated
  • An in-office procedure that in painless and includes a Take-Home-Kit that includes a Prescription compounded medication called Dr. Anita’s PM Cream that when used along with Dr. Anita’s skincare helps continue melanin suppression long term

DORIAN GRAY Anti-Aging Treatment System treats and acts to prevent the following problems:

  • Signs of premature aging and thinning skin
  • Sun damage and mild discolorations
  • Mild to moderate acne
  • Dry dull skin caused by genetics, environment, medications and aging

Dorian Gray Treatment, named after Oscar Wilde’s protagonist and his quest for youth and beauty, is based on the topical application of very potent actives combined with an effective penetration delivery system. Our treatment targets special cells and cellular processes that are responsible for excess pigment and aging effects. Dr. Anita recommends this treatment up to 4 times a year and is used as an antiaging treatment to keep your skin looking youthful and glowing. Acne sufferers and dry dull skin patients alike experience dramatic results with little to no downtime. Dorian Gray like Dr. Anita’s hyperpigmentation treatment is safe for ALL SKIN COLORS.

The treatment gel is worn along with topical liquid Tretinoic acid for approximately 1 hour and then PM cream and Dr. Anita skinline is used for maintenance for best results.

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