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“Nikki is simply the best!! Her facials are amazing, the whole experience is definitely 5 stars. I highly recommend her.”

Karin R.

“Just a great experience. Great results, I look like my younger self!”

Elizabeth E.

“As I write this review from home, I can feel the exquisiteness of Phi Medical Aesthetics. Truly the place is a dream- A dream that Dr. Anita Dormer put into fruition. I am soo happy and honored to be a valued patient there.

I leave feeling warmed by my social interactions, lighter in spirit, and of course, more confident. From my perspective, if you are receiving a treatment, you are receiving the BEST treatment. And that is on all levels.

Dr. Anita cares for your satisfaction both inside and outside of her office, and the staff is just lovely. Like really, really lovely! I hope that you will treat yourself to the experiences available at Phi Medical Aesthetics.

I would also like to include that I have begun using Dr. Anita’s skincare line- Vibrant results in days! Thank you, Dr. Anita! I love you.

See ya’ll soon 😉 xo”

Jennie R.

“The office is beautiful and the staff is fantastic, but what really makes the difference is Dr. Dormer. She makes sure that you’re completely comfortable. She talks to you about what’s needed, what’s wanted and what her opinion is. To me that made a big difference I love everything to be explained to me. No surprises. She has a very gentle touch and knows exactly what to do and how to do it to make you look perfect. One day later you can already see a beautiful difference. I would recommend her to everyone.”

Gladys A.

“I started PRP for hair loss about a year and a half ago. I am so ecstatic about the results! When my daughter’s stared swooshing my hair in the back to cover the sparse areas and I decided to get bangs for the front, I knew I had to do something. 4 treatments of PRP has filled in the crown and front of my hair. It even has shine and curls like I had in high school. Worth every penny. Dr. Anita Dormer’s care, concern and encouragement is truly awesome.

Karin L.

“I have been going to Dr.Dormer for eight years. As I’ve aged, she has known exactly what to do to keep me looking fresh and glowing-never overdone! In October she did Ulthera on me and the results are spectacular. Everyone is asking me about my skin! Botox, fillers, ulthera, laser, she can do it all and does it all with such efficiency always rendering a gorgeous and natural result. Just thrilled with her work! You will be too!!”

Claudia G.

“I’ve seen several dermatologists over the years and Dr Dormer is my favorite. She has diagnosed and treated my rosacea and she gave me a small amount of filler to smooth out my acne scars. The results are perfectly natural and I couldn’t be happier!”

Michael L.

“If you want your skin to look it’s absolute best I highly recommend Dr. Dormer. She is extremely talented in providing fantastic results.”

Matthew B.

“Dr. Dormer is excellent with spider veins. She’s very meticulous. It’s refreshing to not worry about unsightly spider veins on my legs.”

Christina H.

“I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Dormer. Everyone told me that it would require surgery. I could not be happier with the results. I love Dr. Anita!”

Joshua B.

“I recently visited Dr. Dormer at her beautiful office and was greeted by her warm friendly staff. I trust Dr. Dormer completely.”

Deborah M.

“Great spa, wonderful and warm experience from start to finish. Appreciate Dr. Anita taking the time to listen to my concerns going over my options and clearly explaining all treatments. Also appreciate her less is more approach to aesthetics. I would highly recommend Dr. Anita.”

Gail W.

“I love this place and the people in it!! Walking in and being greeted and catered to like an old friend is most gratifying and reassuring! Dr. Anita and her entire staff are so helpful, knowledgeable and trustworthy I wouldn’t go anywhere else and you would be hard pressed to find an establishment better than PHI Medical Aesthetics!”

Deborah K.

“Dr Anita is a wealth of information regarding longevity support and other anti-aging procedures that boost collagen and help tighten our skin. Dr Anita has a full line of skin care products that hydrate and brighten the skin. The qualified PHI team ensures a pleasant experience with a brilliant outcome!”

Linda P.

“Went to Dr. Anita for Botox and Radiesse. She was amazing ! A lot of time was dedicated to a whole face approach and there was no pressure”

Jennifer S.

“This is the most friendliest and cleanest environment I’ve been to. The staff are so pleasant and they make you feel so comfortable.”

Jenifer H.

This was my 2nd time to Dr. Anita and it was nothing but a pleasant experience. After getting Botox my first visit, I went back to get filler in my chin and could not be happier with the results! After two weeks I went back for my follow up and she gave a complimentary touch up where she thought it was needed. Proves her honesty and desire to make her clients as happy as possible. Already scheduled a third visit for a personalized facial in August. Overall an incredible experience due to Dr. Anita’s expertise and her wonderful staff. Thank you!

Kelly H.

I have been to many med spas over a 20 year span and I’m so happy I found Dr Anita. She has done lip filler, Radiesse for my cheeks, botox and skin care. I will never go anywhere else! Dr Anita measures your face which allows the placement of fillers to look so natural and never overdone. Eric is an expert with PDO Threads! He is so gentle and a perfectionist! The new place is beautiful and charming! Reminds me of a Southern Mansion. Tara the receptionist is a doll! She’s always so kind and helpful. Will never go anywhere else!!

Sandra T.