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Sagging Q & A

Sagging is a result of aging that is caused by a loss of skins underlying foundational structures such as fat, collagen, muscle and alas even bone. One of the most common and famous problems associated with sagging is the Turkey Neck.

We at Dr. Anita relate to this problem and have good news for you if you have noticed the slow slide of your face or body areas.

In the past, so many modalities were touted to help sagging but have fallen short on results. Unfortunately, the results were so underwhelming that though the market was demanding a treatment, Dr. Anita waited until she felt that there were reliable proven treatments that gave consistent results. Thankfully, the science continues to improve and Dr. Anita is pleased to now offer the most effective treatments for this issue. The treatment of sagging is key to initiating the cosmetic enhancement of the face since it starts at the deep structural foundations of the areas. Such modalities include:

Sagging and the aging face

Dr. Anita has long suggested that the process of sagging is one of the things our mothers’ should have warned us about. One day we just seem to wake up and see a stranger in the mirror and our necks, jowls, tummies, elbows, arms and knees all have begun to sag under earth’s gravitational force.

To make matters worse we start to ask ourselves such questions as: Where did my cheekbones go? Where are the apples of my cheeks? Why do I have hollows under my eyes and temples? Where did my lips go?

The aging process is influenced by multiple factors such as environment, genetics, health, and lifestyle.


The only FDA approved device to treat such areas sagging necks, brows, cheeks as well as off label treatments of knees, elbows, arms and other body areas. This is an ultrasound treatment with no downtime and is the number one treatment for sagging worldwide.

  • Ultrasound, used in various medical procedures for decades, is now being used for beauty.
  • A natural process with gradual effects that work with your body’s natural processes.
  • Ultherapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses focused ultrasound to generate new collagen deep within the skin, lifting and tightening over time and giving a natural, youthful look to skin.
  • Noticeable and natural-looking results over time, without surgery or Downtime.
  • Over 350,000 successful treatments worldwide.
  • Optimized comfort through new Ultherapy Amplify.
  • Results revealed over 212 months, as tired collagen is replaced with new, more elastic collagen.

Deep Dermal Fillers

The injection of deep fillers such as Restylane Lift, Radiesse and Voluma add volume and bone structure to areas as cheekbones, hollows and loose jowls.

Platelet Rich Plasma Plus Kybella

We offer PRP to help with collagen buildup and Kybella to assist with hanging fatty areas around the neck.


These agents are used to lift certain areas such as the brow and mouth by weakening muscles that pull the face downward.

What Should You Know

Some of the things to know about sagging is that sleep positions, or exercises like running do not cause this problem. Weight loss however does increase the appearance of sagging especially after 40. The use of prescription retinoids, sunscreen and chronic microscopic injury of the skin will help treat and serves to retard the process of sagging.

Here at Dr. Anita we take the treatment of sagging seriously as it has a huge impact on the appearance of aging, is difficult to control and requires multiple modalities and at least annual maintenance. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you for a free consultation about sagging and what treatments are best for your individual needs.

Dr. Anita suggests the following treatments for this condition:

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